About Oculos

Oculos is a CRM and MarTech agency specialized in personalized communication using insights, data and technology. We provide creative, relevant and seamless communication that engages, converts and at the same time builds loyalty. Oculos is a consultancy agency focusing on areas such as CRM and data, strategy, loyalty concepts, MarTech and marketing operations. We have a unique combination of technical knowledge and expertise in marketing.

What we offer:

We will help you find, attract and develop profitable customer relationships that really mean something to you. We can take on large, complex projects as well as help you carry out the work yourself. We help you choose the right technology, and we know exactly how to handle your extremely valuable customer data. We are really good at personalized communication, loyalty programs and adding feasible roadmaps for your specific customer data and communication. We believe that the foundation for success with personalized communication comes from a strategy around your customer data and where the data is located. Without the foundation of knowing your specific technology landscape it is difficult to achieve your vision and goals for personalized communication. 



Today, all modern marketing needs to be supported by marketing technology. We can advise you while you are thinking of which marketing technology will best suit your needs, implement the system of your choice, build integrations into multiple channels, look over your data quality and develop templates for different channels and formats. We work proactively to help you use, operate and develop the work after the system has been put into use. We help you at whichever stage you are in the process. We are platform agnostic and our skilled developers and MarTech specialists work on a wide range of platforms.



The marketing operation’s function is important to delivering digital transformation, and helping you run your daily marketing business. Marketing operations is the function of overseeing an organization's marketing programs and activities, making sure that people, processes and technology all work smoothly together. Maybe you need some extra muscle in your marketing team? Need developing or setting up new dialogues or want to integrate new channels? We have experts in a number of systems that can support you in your daily work. We thrive best when we work closely with our customers because it gives us the opportunity to challenge the way they think. It gives us the ability to follow up on the work we do together and push you all the way to achieve your vision.


Voyado – HubSpot – SAP Marketing cloud – Adobe Campaign – Apsis – Microsoft




"At Oculos we believe that personalized communication is the future. How organisations work today with their customer data in order to gain insights and be relevant at any given interaction is just scratching the surface and we will see a lot happening in this field."





Annika Grumert Klang (CEO)

mail / (+46) 0739 9632 94

Open positions

Growth Manager

Har du erfarenhet från komplex försäljning i snabbt tempo? Gillar du MarTech? Och tycker du att personaliserad kommunikation är ett intressant område? Kom då och jobba hos oss- vi är en nystartad byrå redo med spännande kunder och uppdrag!

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Marketing Operations Specialist

Har du erfarenhet från marketing automation? Gillar du MarTech? Nu söker vi dig som vill utvecklas inom personaliserad kommunikation tillsammans med oss och våra kunder!

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Project Manager

Har du erfarenhet från att driva projekt inom digital marknadsföring? Gillar du MarTech? Och tycker du att personaliserad kommunikation är ett intressant område? Kom då och jobba hos oss- vi är en nystartad byrå redo med spännande kunder och uppdrag!

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